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It's About Time, Already

by Sheila O'Connor

ooking for some great entertainment in San Francisco in the spring and summer of 2006? Well you needn’t look far. Check out the show “It’s About Time, Already” with Lua Hadar. This is where Lua holds back the clock for a romantic and hilarious musical look at the “middle 3rd of life”. The entertainment takes place at the Empire Plush Room in the Hotel York. Jokes and music abound. The comedienne has performed across North America and Europe and has done over 500 performances in Italy alone. She has even been dubbed the “Harpo Marx of cabaret”.

The “It’s About Time” project was inspired by life’s events and by Dr. Allan B. Chinen’s book of fairy tales, Once Upon a Midlife: Classic Stories and Mythic Tales to Illuminate The Middle Years. In the “middle tales” the magic of heroic youth disappears and is replaced by new wisdom gained from life experience. We come to grips with loss and with or own mortality, often through irony, self-awareness and humor. It is a natural and universal midlife transition, known to people for thousands of years—we can do almost anything except hold back the hands of time! For more on this elegant lady with the rich voice and storytelling talent, see her website at www.luahadar.com.

Empire Plush Room: tel. 866/468-3399; www.empireplushroom.com

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Lua Hadar
Lua Hadar photo